Diseases of liver (K70-K77)
K74: Fibrosis and cirrhosis of liver

, if applicable, viral hepatitis (acute) (chronic) (B15-B19)

alcoholic cirrhosis (of liver) (K70.3)
alcoholic fibrosis of liver (K70.2)
cardiac sclerosis of liver (K76.1)
cirrhosis (of liver) with toxic liver disease (K71.7)
congenital cirrhosis (of liver) (P78.81)
pigmentary cirrhosis (of liver) (E83.110)
K74.0: Hepatic fibrosis
K74.1: Hepatic sclerosis
K74.2: Hepatic fibrosis with hepatic sclerosis
K74.3: Primary biliary cirrhosis
K74.4: Secondary biliary cirrhosis
K74.5: Biliary cirrhosis, unspecified
K74.6: Other and unspecified cirrhosis of liver

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