Diseases of liver (K70-K77)
K76: Other diseases of liver

alcoholic liver disease (K70.-)
amyloid degeneration of liver (E85.-)
cystic disease of liver (congenital) (Q44.6)
hepatic vein thrombosis (I82.0)
hepatomegaly NOS (R16.0)
pigmentary cirrhosis (of liver) (E83.110)
portal vein thrombosis (I81)
toxic liver disease (K71.-)
K76.0: Fatty (change of) liver, not elsewhere classified
K76.1: Chronic passive congestion of liver
K76.2: Central hemorrhagic necrosis of liver
K76.3: Infarction of liver
K76.4: Peliosis hepatis
K76.5: Hepatic veno-occlusive disease
K76.6: Portal hypertension
K76.7: Hepatorenal syndrome
K76.8: Other specified diseases of liver
K76.9: Liver disease, unspecified

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