Q25: Congenital malformations of great arteries
Q25.4: Other congenital malformations of aorta

hypoplasia of aorta in hypoplastic left heart syndrome (Q23.4)
Q25.40: Congenital malformation of aorta unspecified
Q25.41: Absence and aplasia of aorta
Q25.42: Hypoplasia of aorta
Q25.43: Congenital aneurysm of aorta
Q25.44: Congenital dilation of aorta
Q25.45: Double aortic arch
Q25.46: Tortuous aortic arch
Q25.47: Right aortic arch
Q25.48: Anomalous origin of subclavian artery
Q25.49: Other congenital malformations of aorta

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