Faber's anemia or syndrome (achlorhydric anemia) 280.9
Fabry's disease (angiokeratoma corporis diffusum) 272.7
Face, facial - see condition
Facet of cornea 371.44
Faciocephalalgia, autonomic (see also Neuropathy, peripheral, autonomic) 337.9
Facioscapulohumeral myopathy 359.1
Factitious disorder, illness - see Illness, factitious
Fahr-Volhard disease (malignant nephrosclerosis) 403.00
Failure, failed
Fainting (fit) (spell) 780.2
Falciform hymen 752.49
Fall, maternal, affecting fetus or newborn 760.5
Fallen arches 734
Falling, any organ or part - see Prolapse
Fallout, radioactive (adverse effect) NEC 990
False - see also condition
Family, familial - see also condition
Famine 994.2
Fanconi's anemia (congenital pancytopenia) 284.09
Fanconi (-de Toni) (-Debré) syndrome (cystinosis) 270.0
Farber (-Uzman) syndrome or disease (disseminated lipogranulomatosis) 272.8
Farcin 024
Farcy 024
Farsightedness 367.0
Fascia - see condition
Fasciculation 781.0
Fasciculitis optica 377.32
Fasciitis 729.4
Fasciola hepatica infestation 121.3
Fascioliasis 121.3
Fasciolopsiasis (small intestine) 121.4
Fasciolopsis (small intestine) 121.4
Fast pulse 785.0
Fatal familial insomnia (FFI) 046.72
Fatal syncope 798.1
Fatigue 780.79
Fatness 278.02
Fatty - see also condition
Fauces - see condition
Fauchard's disease (periodontitis) 523.40
Faucitis 478.29
Faulty - see also condition
Favism (anemia) 282.2
Favre-Racouchot disease (elastoidosis cutanea nodularis) 701.8
Favus 110.9
Fear, fearfulness (complex) (reaction) 300.20
Feared complaint unfounded V65.5
Febricula (continued) (simple) (see also Pyrexia) 780.60
Febrile (see also Pyrexia) 780.60
Febris (see also Fever) 780.60
Fecal - see condition
Fecalith (impaction) 560.32
Fede's disease 529.0
Feeble-minded 317
Feeble rapid pulse due to shock following injury 958.4
Feeling of foreign body in throat 784.99
Feer's disease 985.0
Feet - see condition
Feigned illness V65.2
Feil-Klippel syndrome (brevicollis) 756.16
Feinmesser's (hidrotic) ectodermal dysplasia 757.31
Felix's disease (juvenile osteochondrosis, hip) 732.1
Felon (any digit) (with lymphangitis) 681.01
Felty's syndrome (rheumatoid arthritis with splenomegaly and leukopenia) 714.1
Feminism in boys 302.6
Feminization, testicular 259.51
Femoral hernia - see Hernia, femoral
Femora vara 736.32
Femur, femoral - see condition
Fenestrata placenta - see Placenta, abnormal
Fenestration, fenestrated - see also Imperfect, closure
Fenwick's disease 537.89
Fermentation (gastric) (gastrointestinal) (stomach) 536.8
Fernell's disease (aortic aneurysm) 441.9
Fertile eunuch syndrome 257.2
Fertility, meaning multiparity - see Multiparity
Fetalis uterus 752.39
Fetishism 302.81
Fetomaternal hemorrhage
Fetus, fetal - see also condition
Fever 780.60
Fibrinogenolysis (hemorrhagic) - see Fibrinolysis
Fibrinogenopenia (congenital) (hereditary) (see also Defect, coagulation) 286.3
Fibrinolysis (acquired) (hemorrhagic) (pathologic) 286.6
Fibrinopenia (hereditary) (see also Defect, coagulation) 286.3
Fibrinopurulent - see condition
Fibrinous - see condition
Fibroadenoma (M9010/0)
Fibroadenosis, breast (chronic) (cystic) (diffuse) (periodic) (segmental) 610.2
Fibroangioma (M9160/0) - see also Neoplasm, by site, benign
Fibrocellulitis progressiva ossificans 728.11
Fibrochondrosarcoma (M9220/3) - see Neoplasm, cartilage, malignant
Fibrodysplasia ossificans multiplex (progressiva) 728.11
Fibroelastosis (cordis) (endocardial) (endomyocardial) 425.3
Fibroid (tumor) (M8890/0) - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Fibrolipoma (M8851/0) (see also Lipoma, by site) 214.9
Fibroliposarcoma (M8850/3) - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Fibroma (M8810/0) - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Fibromatosis 728.79
Fibromyalgia 729.1
Fibromyoma (M8890/0) - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Fibromyositis (see also Myositis) 729.1
Fibromyxolipoma (M8852/0) (see also Lipoma, by site) 214.9
Fibromyxoma (M8811/0) - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Fibromyxosarcoma (M8811/3) - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Fibro-odontoma, ameloblastic (M9290/0) 213.1
Fibro-osteoma (M9262/0) - see Neoplasm, bone, benign
Fibroplasia, retrolental (see also Retinopathy of prematurity) 362.21
Fibropurulent - see condition
Fibrosarcoma (M8810/3) - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Fibrosis, fibrotic
Fibrositis (periarticular) (rheumatoid) 729.0
Fibrothorax 511.0
Fibrotic - see Fibrosis
Fibrous - see condition
Fibroxanthoma (M8831/0) - see also Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Fibroxanthosarcoma (M8831/3) - see Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Fiessinger-Leroy (-Reiter) syndrome 099.3
Fiessinger-Rendu syndrome (erythema muliforme exudativum) 695.19
Fifth disease (eruptive) 057.0
Filaria, filarial - see Infestation, filarial
Filariasis (see also Infestation, filarial) 125.9
Filatoff's, Filatov's, Filatow's disease (infectious mononucleosis) 075
File-cutters' disease 984.9
Filling defect
Filtering bleb, eye (postglaucoma) (status) V45.69
Fimbrial cyst (congenital) 752.11
Fimbriated hymen 752.49
Financial problem affecting care V60.2
Findings, (abnormal), without diagnosis (examination) (laboratory test) 796.4
Finger - see condition
Finnish type nephrosis (congenital) 759.89
Fire, St. Anthony's (see also Erysipelas) 035
Fisher's syndrome 357.0
Fissure, fissured
Fistula (sinus) 686.9
Fit 780.39
Fitting (of)
Fitz's syndrome (acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis) 577.0
Fitz-Hugh and Curtis syndrome 098.86
Flaccid - see also condition
Flajani (-Basedow) syndrome or disease (exophthalmic goiter) 242.0
Flap, liver 572.8
Flare, anterior chamber (aqueous) (eye) 364.04
Flashback phenomena (drug) (hallucinogenic) 292.89
Flatau-Schilder disease 341.1
Flatulence 787.3
Flatus 787.3
Flax dressers' disease 504
Flea bite - see Injury, superficial, by site
Fleischer (-Kayser) ring (corneal pigmentation) 275.1 [371.14]
Fleischner's disease 732.3
Fleshy mole 631.8
Flexibilitas cerea (see also Catalepsy) 300.11
Flexner-Boyd dysentery 004.2
Flexure - see condition
Floater, vitreous 379.24
Flooding 626.2
Floor - see condition
Flu - see also Influenza
Fluctuating blood pressure 796.4
Flukes NEC (see also Infestation, fluke) 121.9
Fluor (albus) (vaginalis) 623.5
Fluorosis (dental) (chronic) 520.3
Flushing 782.62
Flush syndrome 259.2
Flux (bloody) (serosanguineous) 009.0
FNHTR (febrile nonhemolytic transfusion reaction) 780.66
Focal - see condition
Fochier's abscess - see Abscess, by site
Focus, Assmann's (see also Tuberculosis) 011.0
Fogo selvagem 694.4
Foix-Alajouanine syndrome 336.1
Folds, anomalous - see also Anomaly, specified type NEC
Folie a deux 297.3
Folliclis (primary) (see also Tuberculosis) 017.0
Follicular - see also condition
Folliculitis 704.8
Folliculosis, conjunctival 372.02
Føllling's disease (phenylketonuria) 270.1
Follow-up (examination) (routine) (following) V67.9
Fong's syndrome (hereditary osteoonychodysplasia) 756.89
Foot - see also condition
Foramen ovale (nonclosure) (patent) (persistent) 745.5
Forbes' (glycogen storage) disease 271.0
Forbes-Albright syndrome (nonpuerperal amenorrhea and lactation associated with pituitary tumor) 253.1
Forced birth or delivery NEC 669.8
Fordyce's disease (ectopic sebaceous glands) (mouth) 750.26
Fordyce-Fox disease (apocrine miliaria) 705.82
Forearm - see condition
Foreign body
Forking, aqueduct of Sylvius 742.3
Formication 782.0
Fort Bragg fever 100.89
Fossa - see also condition
Foster care (status) V60.81
Foster-Kennedy syndrome 377.04
Foul breath 784.99
Found dead (cause unknown) 798.9
Foundling V20.0
Fournier's disease (idiopathic gangrene) 608.83
Foville's syndrome 344.89
Fox-Fordyce disease (apocrine miliaria) 705.82
Fracture (abduction) (adduction) (avulsion) (compression) (crush) (dislocation) (oblique) (separation) (closed) 829.0
Fragile X syndrome 759.83
Fragmentation - see Fracture, by site
Frailty 797
Frambesia, frambesial (tropica) (see also Yaws) 102.9
Frambesioma 102.1
Franceschetti's syndrome (mandibulofacial dysostosis) 756.0
Francis' disease (see also Tularemia) 021.9
Frank's essential thrombocytopenia (see also Purpura, thrombocytopenic) 287.39
Franklin's disease (heavy chain) 273.2
Fraser's syndrome 759.89
Freckle 709.09
Freeman-Sheldon syndrome 759.89
Freezing 991.9
Frei's disease (climatic bubo) 099.1
Fremitus, friction, cardiac 785.3
Frenulum linguae 750.0
Frequency (urinary) NEC 788.41
Frey's syndrome (auriculotemporal syndrome) 705.22
Friderichsen-Waterhouse syndrome or disease 036.3
Friedrich-Erb-Arnold syndrome (acropachyderma) 757.39
Frigidity 302.72
Fröhlich's disease or syndrome (adiposogenital dystrophy) 253.8
Froin's syndrome 336.8
Frommel's disease 676.6
Frommel-Chiari syndrome 676.6
Frontal - see also condition
Frostbite 991.3
Frotteurism 302.89
Frozen 991.9
Fructosemia 271.2
Fructosuria (benign) (essential) 271.2
Fucosidosis 271.8
Fugue 780.99
Fukuhara syndrome 277.87
Fuller Albright's syndrome (osteitis fibrosa disseminata) 756.59
Fuller's earth disease 502
Fulminant, fulminating - see condition
Functional - see condition
Fundus - see also condition
Fungemia 117.9
Fungus, fungous
Funiculitis (acute) 608.4
FUO (see also Pyrexia) 780.60
Furfur 690.18
Furor, paroxysmal (idiopathic) (see also Epilepsy) 345.8
Furriers' lung 495.8
Furrowed tongue 529.5
Furrowing nail(s) (transverse) 703.8
Furuncle 680.9
Furunculosis (see also Furuncle) 680.9
Fusarium (infection) 118
Fusion, fused (congenital)
Fusospirillosis (mouth) (tongue) (tonsil) 101
Fussy infant (baby) 780.91